3D for Kids is a one hour workshop that explores the art and science behind 3D movies. Participants will learn how to create amazing drawings, photographs, and movies…all in 3D!

Workshops are conducted in Western¬†Pennsylvania and are ideal for libraries, schools, museums, or other kid-friendly organizations. Over 30 of these workshops have been conducted, and they’ve¬†been a big hit with kids and adults alike.

Here’s the official description:


3D for Kids

Want to make 3D art at home? Join award-winning filmmaker/musician Jeff Boller from The Simple Carnival (www.simplecarnival.com) as he reveals the magic tricks behind making 3D (stereoscopic) art.

This workshop is intended for kids ages seven and up (and their parents).

You’ll learn how 3D works. You’ll learn how to turn a regular 2D camera into a 3D camera. You’ll learn how to draw 3D comics. You’ll participate in 3D photography demonstrations. You’ll see how ordinary art supplies can be used to make sophisticated animated 3D cartoons.

Prepare to be amazed…and to have fun!


I provide a portable 3D movie theater (projectors, movie screen, cinema-style 3D glasses, and PA system) and various 3D gadgets to use in hands-on demonstrations. There are no special requirements for the event host other than an electrical outlet, a room that is at least 10′ x 18′, the ability to dim the lights on cue, and an audience! (The more people, the better.)

The kids receive an activity sheet with 3D projects that can be created at home. Some of these projects require red/cyan 3D glasses, which the kids will also receive at the workshop.

Here’s a brief overview. You’ll need red/cyan 3D glasses (with the red filter over your left eye) in order to see this in 3D:

Even though it’s called “3D for Kids,” I’ve also conducted this workshop for teen and adult audiences. I tend to use bigger words and go into more detail when the audience is older. I can tweak the workshop so it’s more focused on the science/STEM side (as I did for this school) or I can emphasize the artistic/creative side of 3D. I’ve also provided professional development to teachers who are looking to incorporate 3D into their art and video production curriculum.


Who’s behind this?

My name is Jeff Boller. I’m an award-winning filmmaker and the primary singer/songwriter/musician behind The Simple Carnival, a critically-acclaimed power pop band, and for the past several years I’ve been working on Smitten 3D, an animated music video movie.

In 2013, my son’s school held an “arts day” and asked for parents who did something creative to come in and talk to the kids. Since I’d been working on a series of animated 3D music videos for The Simple Carnival, I thought it might be fun to bring in some projection equipment and explain how 3D works.

The reaction from the kids was incredible. I’d never seen such a strong, enthusiastic response from anything I’d ever been involved in. So I decided to take the show “on the road” and bring what ultimately became the 3D for Kids workshop to as many venues as possible in the Western Pennsylvania area.

If you’d like to book a 3D for Kids workshop at your venue, please read the information about hosting an event.