• “My grandson loved it – he kept talking about it the whole way home!” –Lynne, grandmother
  • "This was awesome and really opened the doors for my students." –Paula Giran, 5th/6th grade gifted coordinator, Hillcrest Intermediate
  • "It was very educational, it was fun, and it brightened up my day!" –Audience survey response
  • "All of it was AWESOME!" –Audience survey response

Using Blender to Make Stereoscopic Animation

If you’re interested in creating modern computer animation (a la Frozen, Toy Story, etc.), Blender is a free, very powerful tool for the job. You can use Blender to create beautiful images: Despite this program being free and very powerful, Blender has a notoriously steep learning curve. To help people get started with using Blender […]

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Workshop: Hillcrest Intermediate School

This past Friday, I had the privilege of teaching some 5th and 6th graders at Hillcrest Intermediate School about 3D. This was part of Mrs. Giran’s gifted STEM program, and it was a blast. I met at least two kids who use Blender, the notoriously difficult (but ridiculously powerful) 3D computer graphics program that I’ve […]

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Workshop: Ligonier Valley Library

Last Saturday, I conducted a 3D for Kids workshop at the Ligonier Valley Library. Here’s some video and pictures from the day. Make sure to wear your red/cyan 3D glasses (with the red lens over the left eye) in order to see these in 3D! Thanks to the nice folks at the Ligonier Valley Library […]

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