Using Blender to Make Stereoscopic Animation

If you’re interested in creating modern computer animation (a la Frozen, Toy Story, etc.), Blender is a free, very powerful tool for the job.

You can use Blender to create beautiful images:

sintel1_big sintel2_big 06_final_test_med_big 06_laundromat_test_render_big

Despite this program being free and very powerful, Blender has a notoriously steep learning curve.

To help people get started with using Blender to make stereoscopic images, I recently wrote six free, in-depth tutorials:

Although I’ve run across the occasional fifth grader who has experimented with Blender, my suggestion is that this program (and these tutorials) are meant more for teens and adults. It’s also assumed that someone — either the reader or someone helping the reader — is somewhat experienced with computers, as Blender is designed in such a way where it assumes you have fairly strong computer skills. In other words, Blender is a very powerful, professional tool meant for professional work. However, there’s nothing stopping a novice computer graphics artist from learning how to make his or her own animated movie with it.

Anyway, if this is something that interests you, try giving Blender and these tutorials a spin. Enjoy!


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